+ The content of the divorce: record the time of marriage and cohabitation, where the place of cohabitation live and whether they are living together now, this section should show the status of conjugal conflict and the cause of the conflict. Respond .... This application asks the court to resolve the divorce.
+ Common child section: If there is a common child, write the information of the common children (name, date of birth ...), wish and raise children .... If the child has not registered.
+ The common property: If there is property recorded hướng dẫn viết đơn ly hôn information about the property (listed in full), the actual value, proposed division ... and if no common property is not recorded.
+ General debt: If there is a general debt, write down the specific amount of debt, (money or property, who is the creditor, repayment time ...) and ask for a division of debt repayment in the application. If there is no general debt write no ...