A Wireless Dog Fence can help many of us dog owners who would love to have a fence for our backyard but cannot for some reason or another. It would let our dog to have a nice place to be a dog without all of the hazards from wandering away from the backyard. Installing a fence in yards is costly and very difficult, especially for those who have a lot of ground to cover. This is where wireless dog fence technology comes in. There are quite a few different brands of wireless fence systems, but this article will focus specifically at the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence.

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence is also known by the model number PIF-300. This system is the latest innovation that PetSafe has developed in the way of dog fencing. It is a wonderful do-it-yourself product. For those people who are like me and want the easiest possible installation, this is the product for you. There are no wires to hide, no trenches to dig, and especially no holes for posts, cement, screws, and all of the other things that installing a traditional fence require. With this system, if you can put a plug into an outlet, you can set it up. The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence is so handy, you can take it with you anywhere you go. That is fantastic for people who have a cabin, or like to bring their Outdoor Pet Supplies Electronic Dog Yard 100 Levels Portable Wireless Dog Fence System with Shock Rechargeable and Waterproof Training Collar for Dog Cat Small Animal with them when they travel.

After you plug in this product, all you are required to do is set the range necessary for your dog's boundary. The system comes with boundary flags to mark the edge of the boundary you set on the PIF-300. This system is the premier system on the market when it comes to wireless technology. It covers twice the range of any other wireless dog fence. With just one transmitter, it will cover a surface up to 180 feet in diameter. That is plenty for most of our yards. If you require a big area of land you want to cover, the great thing about this dog containment product is that you can purchase additional transmitters which allow you to increase the area of coverage. You are able add more than two transmitters to this system. One thing to remember when thinking about one of these containment products is that the transmitters are not waterproof, therefore each needs to be in a safe location where it is out of the weather.

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence is also great in the fact that it can be used with more than one dog. You can actually use it with an unlimited number of dogs provided they all wear the proper receiver collar, which are also available separately. It is extremely nice to know that the additional products are available separately just in case you need to replace some of the system and not all of it.

For those of us who love to camp or be outdoors, there are also power inverters for your convenience that enable it to be plugged in to your cigarette lighter which is very convenient because we all know what types of trouble our pets can get in when in a strange, exciting environment.

Be aware that you must properly train your dog when using a wireless dog fence just like with anything else we do with them. There is a detailed training guide and video that is included with this unit, and it is also available on You Tube. This is a fantastic item, and uses some of the most innovative technology in the industry. It is a very humane way to keep your dog close by while giving her some freedom as well, provided the correct training techniques are implemented. If this is a system that interests you, I encourage you do some research and see if it is right for you and your pet.