The fact cannot be denied that be it a well placed samurai sword or a mounted samurai sword for that matter, the samurai sword set looks not only fantastic but helps add much character to any room of the house.
But the question is that is t good enough to spend an amount of almost (US dollar 650) on? Well the answer to this question lies with you. It all depends on the reasons that you are buying the samurai sword for.

samurai swordIf you are just making a regular purchase of a samurai sword for the purpose of putting it up on display and positioning it at the centre point in some room then in that case you most definitely do not have to spend a fortune like the one that has been aforementioned, instead what you can do is to go for a comparatively inexpensive manufactured replicas that come with the necessary sword stands.

The sword stands are manufactured several applications such as the likes of the table stands, wall mountings or single standing sword stands. The way that you select for displaying your samurai sword is entirely up to you, although on a personal note I believe that they look totally fantastic on the wall just above the fireplace.
It helps in giving the room a kind of real atmosphere.
There are several reasons regarding the labour-intense procedure. First of all there are the air pockets that are a vital issue that may develop during the heating of the steel, should be eliminated. If an air pocket is present in a seemingly solid blade then it would be its weak point, and any kind of weak point in the sword is going to be termed as a sign of neglect and no dedicated artisan would willingly go ahead and manufacture the highest quality blades as if his own life depended on the very blade that he had been forging all his life.

Second of all the repetitive folding and hammering that may be described as being 'layers' are produced. For example you take a book and then roll it up parallel to its spine, these internal layers are going to look something like this, something like the rings of a cross section that appear on the tree trunk.

This is beneficial in adding strength to the blade.
The Japanese Tachi is one of the oldest Samurai Swords that are comparatively longer in length and has a more pronounced curve as compared to the Katana Sword is. A Sword is described as being a Tachi if the blade of the sword is placed facing down when hanging from the wearers belt whereas the sword Katana is hung from the belt facing upwards.

The Tachi had eventually become quite outdated and hence had been replaced with the Katana Sword.