"usiness Owner Finds New Hope"

Today, hundreds of thousands of very successful men and women are experiencing unprecedented business and financial difficulties. These difficulties are contributing to stress on the individuals and their families, and this is affecting personal health and happiness.

I am one of the hundreds of thousands! Are You?

My business of 32 years was having difficulty and required money to be reinvested in orderto continue operations. I was unable to provide for some of my family's needs; health insurance, education and other freedoms to which we had grown accustomed; and eventually we lost our home, spent through all of our savings and the stress of it all was having a negative impact on our entire family; health and relationships.

While in the middle of such circumstances, I had to find a way to replace a significant source of recurring monthly income, from scratch, or continue the financial and emotional free fall.

As I analyzed each potential alternative, I found myself with three basic questions:
1. Can I do it?
2. Is it real?
3. Would I get the help I need?

I have been through the valley, and while learning from my mistakes along the way, have been on a step-by-step journey back. This has been, and still is, an incredible learning experience for me. I don't have it all figured out, but I have made measurable progress in my circumstances and I am able to say that I have found new hope.

"Business Owner Finds New Hope"

Have you lost your job, or your home, or both?

Are you in the middle of losing your business?

Are your business sales (or personal income) fifty percent or more below what they were two or three years ago?

Have you watched your retirement evaporate down to little or nothing?

If you are experiencing any of these events, I have the feeling that you may also be dealing with the fall-out affects of these difficult circumstances and are trying to re-gain your foothold.

Perhaps it would help if you could talk with someone who understands your situation and the feeling of isolation you may be experiencing.

If so, I hope you and I are able to speak. You can do the talking and I can just listen. If you have questions, I will do my human best to give you an honest answer, without pressuring you, trying to sell you something, judging, second-guessing or condemning you.

Call me at 1-949-510-9714 and please leave a message if I miss your call, because Samurai Sword (Going At this website) I want to hear from you and I will return your call.

I was able to find new hope, and maybe you will be able to make 2011 your year for new hope. I hope so.

Mark Chandler